You Can’t Be Serious?

on January 16, 2012

A week or so ago we witnessed Vincent Kompany being sent off for what some described as a “harsh red card”, and in the past we’ve often believed that certain tackles don’t deserve the harsh treatment they receive.





So with this debate poses, utimately, two questions:

  1. Are certain players being attacked/victimised?
  2. Do we need a review system?

In answer to the first question; No. Players have reputations though, and sometimes it is probably quite difficult for a referee to ignore said players reputation when a bad challenge is made. But I guess some players will receive more lenient punishment than others because they’re not “known” for their bad tackles – much like Nigel de Jong probably is and Roy Keane once was.

But then there’s the argument that the challenge wasn’t bad in the first place as he got the ball. Well this is where the confusion comes in. Just because the player happened to get the ball [that time] does not mean that the challenge was not synical or bad. Studs up, two feet. That’s all that needs to be tick-boxed for a challenge to be deemed worthy of a straight red card; and referee’s have shown this over and over again, yet players seem to expect to get away with it everytime.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether or not he got the ball – if the challenge was illegal [studs up, two feet] then the punishment should be dished out.

Players are being victimised because the Ref likes Manchester United or Liverpool more. They’re being targeted because the referee believes it was an illegal tackle and quite possibly is taking action to prevent that person(s) from seriously injuring anyone else – just because he got the ball this time, who’s to say he wouldn’t catch the ankle next time?

As for the second question, again, No. We do not need a review system in football people. At least not for cards, tackles, etc.

I’ve been listening to many radio debates where the jocks and their co-hosts are asking for such systems and I tell you, it’s really nothing like Rugby/Tennis and you actually need to stop comparing it.

Those two sports ONLY use the “review” system for things that are out of play – eg: Goal-line technology, hawkeye, etc. Nowhere do they use a review system where ‘ol Piet de Vill can waltz onto a field and request that Mark Lawrence changes his mind about that forward pass. That’s quite a ridiculous thing to ask for.

Part of what makes football interesting is that fact that players line up a free kick quickly before the opposing team has time to regroup. Imagine taking that out and slowing the game right down while Alex Ferguson debates with his staff whether or not they wish to appeal that particular yellow card. We’ll be watch the game forever, much like an NFL match which can go on for a ridiculous four hours.

Football, particularly in England and Spain, attracts most of their viewers, spectators and supporters due to the nature and unpredictability of the game. Remove that and you’ve got no real reason for people to get all passionate about their team.

I’m not entirely even for goal-line technology as I think this too takes a lot out of the game. Notice how the Henry goal, Maradonna hand of G-d and Suarez goals have all made headlines, sold newspapers and written history – THAT is in fact what makes a football match and most die-hard followers will tell you that’s true.

So next time you’re watching a Manchester City game, and someone gets shown the door, turn around to your mates and scream at the top of your voice: “You can’t be serious!!”

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